Ten Years

a favourite song of mine.

“how do the powerless survive?”

how indeed.

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Goodbye Oprah

i was at home last night watching oprah’s series finale. at one point i got a little choked up. the moment, for me, came when she reflected on a recent episode where over 200 men, brave men might i add, came forward and admitted that they were victims of sexual abuse.

i am a major supporter of RAINN, and this one moment, being a person who has experienced what the stigma of sexual abuse can do to an individual, was profound for me.

say what you want about oprah, but she found a niche, she found a hole in our society that was eternally pessimistic and cynical and she said, “no no no, i refuse to accept this.” she forced us, whether or not we were capable of doing so or not, to face our demons, and to learn that self-preservation and respect comes from introspection and self-awareness; taking responsibility for our actions and accepting that we can be better than who we are.

it’s not necessarily something we are always capable of doing, but we should make it one of our main objectives — to be the best that we can be.

i grew up watching oprah, and i am sad that the show will no longer lighten the hearts of people all over the planet. americans sure know how to milk a goodbye, but as i sat watching the show last night i thought to myself that it was all okay — sometimes a little light comes sans any caveats.