Many Lives, Many Masters

“We all have lessons to learn in this school called Earth. We need to comprehend completely the concepts of compassion, love, non-violence, non-judgment, non-prejudice, patience, generosity and charity, and hope. We need to recognize the deceptions and traps of the ego and how to transcend them. We must become aware of the interconnectedness of all living beings, that energy connects us all, and that there is no death, only life.”

~ Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Author of Many Lives, Many Masters

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Mark Morrisroe

Mark Morrisroe self-portrait

Mark Morrisroe was a Boston performance artist and photographer who was born in 1959 to a drug-addicted single mother. At 13 he ran away from home and became a hustler soon after.

At 17 he was shot by a client in his back, where the bullet was still lodged next to his spine, when he died, wasted by AIDS, at the age of 30.

In his short lifetime he made thousands of brilliant Polaroids, plus a few campy Super-8 films that brought him underground, and later, cult fame.

Morrisroe’s nude self-portraits and intimate pictures of friends, family and lovers, were both potent reminders of the lives lost to AIDS, and souvenirs of one unconventional life.

He let his freak flag fly proudly and for that, I am forever indebted.

Summer 1978