Ontario land

Ontario land

This fair land called Ontario

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Alisha and I went out for dinner last night and talked about old times. I reflected on how crazy it was that we have been friends for 13 years now. When I was 19 I drank too much wine and spent the evening in the washroom vomiting. It was Alisha who took care of me, and made sure I didn’t die. How nice.

Alisha also has the largest collection of photos devoted entirely to my ass. In my youth I was fond of baring my rear end to people. Class act.

Yesterday I almost died

Yesterday morning I fainted. For the past two weeks, I have participated in Body Boot Camp, a grueling and cruel exercise regiment designed to turn your body into steel.

Let me set the scene for you. The excercise was simple. My trainer placed two resistance bands around my waist and acted as dead weight while I tried to sprint while he resisted behind me. Problem was that I weigh 145 lbs, my trainer weighs well over 200 lbs. He’s pure muscle. In fact when I met him for the first time and shaked his hand I couldn’t help but notice how tiny I was compared to him. Anyway, you can imagine the struggle I had attempting to sprint with his humongous body attached to mine.

I did four reps of sprints and was exhausted. While taking a small break I suddenly felt dizzy and couldn’t continue with the following exercises. I felt like I was having  a heart attack. A natural complainer, I did what I do best, complained. I said that I was feeling poorly and that perhaps I should go to the hospital but my trainer reassured me that this was normal and that I should try and take a walk and so I took his advice. I made it to a tree and then fell on my back, losing consciousness for what appeared to be about 10 seconds.

When I came about, my trainer was hovering over me. He is very nice, but in that moment I wanted to kill him for making me sprint with his dead weight behind me; I truly felt like I was dying. Another couple of minutes passed and I felt much better and continued with the remainder of the session.

As I was walking home my trainer bicycled next to me and explained that this has happened to many of his clients and that it would probably never happen to me again. Apparently when the muscles are pushed to these limits your body starts taking blood from your head to recover, and that is possibly what effected me. Oh well. I’m better thank heavens.