Lately I’ve been into Little Boots. Good music.

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Now I’m just wasting your time with useless photos!

The many flatulences of Sophia Petrillo

Being in Buenos Aires I don’t have access to this show like I did in Toronto. I miss it. The Golden Girls is possibly the best television comedy ever made.

I think my pictures suck

Where the hell was I?

Where the hell was I? Worst travel blog. Ever.

I love long photography shots, but I don’t have the skill to capture them properly. Close-ups are good too, but only if I’m the subject of the photo! Such a narcissist. It’s a beautiful winter day in Buenos Aires so I went for a stroll in this area, close to Palermo, I have no idea what it’s called. What I learned is that I can run here, forever. No need for a gym membership. Success. Now I have to remember how I got there.