Seinfeld bloopers

This one always makes me laugh.

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My yoghurt looks like Pepto-Bismol


It also kinda tastes like medicine.

Fashion film featuring Roisin Murphy

I snatch a lot of great stuff from OMG possibly the most original blog in the blogosphere. After mine of course. I’m just joking, actually sometimes I’m embarrassed by my blog. I’m such a loser.

Here is Roisin Murphy (a.k.a. the woman Lady Gaga stole creative inspiration from) in in a new fashion film for Christophe Coppens’ spring/summer 2012 collection. The psychedelic short, entitled “Women of the Fields,” stars Murphy and features a new song called”Cré Ni A Forna”.



International House hosted a staff party last night in San Isidro. The main feature of the event, besides the wine of course, was the empanadas. Ick. Okay, I’m trying very much to get into how things are done here in Argentina but I cannot appreciate the cuisine.

As usual being a vegetarian made things a little more difficult. I was able to find a tomato and cheese empanada but when I took my first bite I felt my stomach bloating! At one point as I was speaking to my supervisor I had to throw my empanada in the garbage bin because I didn’t like it. She looked horrified.

I can’t believe I’m spending an entire blog post describing my distaste for empanadas. In fact, the whole point of this entry is to write empanada as many times as possible. Empanada.



This is better than the real Glee