Valerie Cherish come back

The Comeback aired on HBO for one season. This is my favourite scene. So moving. Lisa Kudrow deserved an Emmy. Feel better babygirl!

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“She’ll never be yours”

Okay I couldn’t resist, I had to post these clips from Hanna because they’re too good not to share.

Cate Blanchett featurette

Hanna was released on DVD recently and I found this great featurette about Cate Blanchett, who plays the films main antagonist. This was an excellent movie, so watch it if you get the chance.


There are so many wonderful movies coming soon.

The Muppets

How naughty

Very infectious dance song called We Love by Australian duo Sneaky Sound System. This put me in a better mood.


I’m being a real bitch today, but I had to share.

This photo is appearing all over the gay blogosphere and as a gay man, I’m supposed to say something like, “He’s so hot.” What I’m really thinking is that he has been so airbrushed that he looks unnatural and cartoonish. People have pores.

In the article he admits to eating 16 eggs a day to look like this. Another example that having muscles does not equate being healthy. Oh the pursuit of perfection and the vain quest for beauty will induce heart attacks the world over, won’t it?