Saturday night… alone

Saturday night

I was invited out for dinner this evening and I declined. What the hell is wrong with me? Isn’t this what I’ve spent a month begging for? I had my chance for human interaction and I spit in its face. This opportunity may not present itself again.

This week was tumultuous.  It began with promise, had a bump in the middle and then course corrected itself by the end. I went through a sea-saw of emotions and at one point I caved and wrote a couple of ill-considered blog posts which I have since deleted.

I do not believe in censorship, but as I reflected on what I want to accomplish with this blog, the discarded posts didn’t match up with my overall vision. I want to evolve as a human being, and not fall back on old habits.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs by expats living in Argentina and I couldn’t help but notice that mine is lackluster in one area: it doesn’t have a theme. I thought about this for a little bit. I don’t affiliate with anything. For instance, many of the blogs I have found are about people who identify themselves as artists, or writers, or foodies, or photographers. I don’t know why but I have always disliked putting myself into a box and saying, “This is who I am.” When I was younger I tried and I always felt inauthentic.

Perhaps this is because I beleive that I am not just one thing, and I am admittedly skeptical of individuals who maintain that one discipline is the sum of all their parts and that everyone must think so too.

I have never belonged to a social clique. I have never found one that was free of ego. When I wake up in the morning I try my hardest to be the best person I can be and to take the steps necessary to ensure that I’m making a human impact. I want to put a smile on someone’s face and if I can make a small positive difference in someone’s life, then that’s just gravy.

So in the end I concluded that my blog does have a theme: I’m human. And perhaps this isn’t a travel blog, or a very well written blog for that matter, but each and every post comes directly from my heart, however schmaltzy that might sound. I try to give to my readers a piece of myself, no matter how flawed that piece may be.

And if I can throw in a little cynical sarcasm here and there, well hey, that’s just me.

Have a good weekend everyone and remember when you wake up in the morning that it’s good to breathe.

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This is an Argentine dessert called Vigilante. It is comprised of cheese and dulce de batata, which for you Canadians is sweet potato paste. It was delicious. Argentines sure love their sweets. You can replace the dulce de batata with dulce de mebrillo, which is quince paste, something I have never heard of before or tried.