Bette was there, from the beginning

On Queerty a reader commented, “It must be difficult/frustrating for Bette to watch Lady Gaga take the flag of gay liberation and carry it on in the direction of gay rights, esp when she holds such memories and remarkably this film exists.”

Today Bette Midler is 65-years-old. At the beginning of her career she would perform in gay bathhouses and said of the experience, “I’m still proud of those days [at the Continental]. I feel like I was at the forefront of the gay liberation movement, and I hope I did my part to help it move forward. So, I kind of wear the label of ‘Bathhouse Betty’ with pride.”

She has always been an avid gay-rights supporter and I hope that the twenty-somethings of today know enough about their history to give credit to the people who sacrificed their livelihood to give them the civil rights they now take for granted.

What Bette did, at the time, took a hell of a lot of guts.

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“If you love animals, obviously it doesn’t make sense to hurt them”

To my carnivore friends. The next time you’re enjoying a steak I would like you to visualize that the meat you’re biting into is flesh. This delicious meal, marinated and cooked to perfection for your personal enjoyment once walked the Earth with feelings and entitlements, just like you.

That cow you’re eating was born with the knowledge that it would live the rest of its life in peace and harmony. It did not wake up in the morning with visions of being trapped and force-fed so that after years of misery it would be murdered — one of billions — by a bullet to its head, and sold as your dinner.

Animals feel. They don’t deserve the treatment they receive to satisfy our hedonistic pleasures. They are often more loyal and intelligent than many human beings have the foresight to hope to be. Say no to meat and save a life.

That’s all.


This looks like surprisingly good gay cinema. I wish I had this much hair.

Argentina elections

Argentina elections

It’s time to vote for a President! It’s obvious that Cristina will be reelected. This woman gives money away like she has it. Wait, it’s not her money, it’s the tax payers! Easy on the lip augmentation treatments Cristina!

Politicians in Argentina have a lot of personality and they’re prone to yell a lot during their speeches and wave their hands around in righteous indignation. To a North American it appears that they’re channeling their inner Eva Peron. How can everyone be this shamelessly inhibited with their passion? Usually in Canada you have to be drunk.

Canadian politicians are boring and look like robots. Just look at Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Robot.

Everyday is like Sunday

I felt that this song was appropriate for today, it being Sunday and all.

While ordering breakfast I had the usual panic attack as I perused the menu. I can’t understand Spanish and I’m learning slowly. I wish I was smart, I really do but I’m not. I’m average, perhaps below average. It’s humbling to be reminded what a small spec I am on this huge planet.

I miss being able to go to a restaurant and have a conversation with the waiter or to go to the market and have a joke with the produce clerk. My personality is subdued in Buenos Aires. I miss going to the pub for a pitcher of beer on a Sunday afternoon. I miss I miss I miss. I wish my heart wasn’t so big and that I was unaffected by sentiment, but alas, once again, I am human.

On a side note I wanted to say that Morrissey, despite having been rude to Tori Amos once, is a pretty cool guy. He’s a vicious animal rights activist and vegetarian and for those reasons alone, I love him. Oh yeah, and he’s a pretty okay musician!

Here’s Tori explaining her encounter with him:

New Left Media

There is nothing more divisive than politics in The United States. If you’re a Republican chances that you’ll agree with a Democrats political leanings is next to none.

What I find most troubling about The United States is its “us vs. them” mentality which is directed not only to its foreign neighbours but its own citizens. If you do not agree with their uninformed views, then you are simply the enemy.

New Left Media was founded by university students Chase Whiteside, and Erick Stoll, who armed with a camera, attend protests across the country on issues like marriage equality and universal health care. You know anything deemed by a Republican as socialism or against good Christian values.

There are a lot of great videos on their site from interviewing supporters at a Sarah Palin book signing to attending Glenn Beck’s restoring honour rally. Oy vey.

What I have learned is that the people opposed to the expansion of civil rights are the least effected by it and that many of these individuals love to reference the constitution of which, when pressed, it becomes obvious they know nothing about.

Head over to their site for more gems, and trust me they’re not just targeting conservatives. Liberals, when questioned, are equally as ignorant about issues they are passionate about. That’s what happens when you’re educated by FOX News and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.