We’re not very understanding of other people’s situations are we? We don’t think, “Hang on a minute, what is this person’s experience today?” No we think about our own agenda and what we want and what we need.  If I approach a person in this manner, a molehill becomes a mountain. I have to think, “What has this person been through today?” If we all did this than half of our confrontations would dissipate.

Easier said than done.

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Buy art, not cocaine

Nicolás Usleé

Artwork by Nicolás Uslé

Joined by the new friends I acquired at Max’s Supper Club the evening before, I went to an art show last Saturday at a cute little shop in Palermo called Planeta Cubico. Isabelle was determined to support Buenos Aires art, reasoning that $350 ARS was a fine deal, but quickly reneged when it was revealed that all prices were in U.S. dollars.

Art is never cheap is it? This isn’t a review by the way, since I don’t know anything about art. And I hate reviews. What do they know but their own experiences?