What I’m grateful for…

Bleeding hearts

Bleeding hearts

I was asked today what I am grateful for. Only one thing came to mind: I am grateful for my health. Then I thought further.

At 32-years-old I am consistently aware of how blessed I have been in my life. I was raised in the greatest country on Earth. I had parents, who despite their failings, did the best job that they could. Somehow my immigrant father, without even a grade school education, made it to Canada and met my mother, and together built a life greater than they could have ever envisioned.

Whenever I hear people complain about getting older, or complain about superficial matters I desperately want to tell them to get a life. They should be damn grateful that they can complain. I’ve seen too many people forced to leave this planet before they should have.

I have said this many times but I want to reiterate it for emphasis. I am happy every morning because I wake up and I can breathe. I can stand, and walk to the shower. I can put my clothes on without assistance. I can talk and I can hear without difficulty (sometimes). This afternoon I ran 8 kilometers in Parque Tres de Febrero and I was gobsmacked that I could stare up at the blue sky while simultaneously wiping the perspiration from my brow.

Whatever your challenge is, whatever your health issue is, be grateful to be here and to have had the ability to experience life. I don’t know when I will take my last breath. I hope it isn’t for a long time. But when I do I wish to remember all the beautiful people who have made me a ¬†better man. I hope that I will remember what a strawberry tastes like, to smell the aroma of my dogs Dusty and Maude and to reflect for a final minute on how lucky I was to have loved.

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