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Weekly update



It’s been a rough month for Maude. Luckily her surgery on Thursday went well and she’s at home with Keith recuperating. But it will be a long recovery. In an email Keith wrote (I paraphrased):

In 2 weeks she gets the stitches taken out and is only supposed to out to go to the bathroom. She can walk with a back sling which is proving rather difficult and awkward for 4 weeks.  Then in weeks 5-8 she can go for 2-3 five minute walks and then weeks 9-12 increase the walks by another five minutes each week.  So at least a 12 week recovery! She won’t wear her cone so she has to be watched very closely and she has trouble going to bathroom because of her knee and the annoying sling.  But she seems to be fine and sleeping a lot!  The meds probably have something to do with that.

I wasn’t anticipating Maude getting sick so I will fly home on Wednesday night to do my part to aide in her recovery. The love for my dog is eternal. I can’t explain how many sleepless nights I have had worrying about her since this whole debacle began. To make matters worse, due to the anti-inflammatory medication she was taking before the surgery she suffered a seizure one night two weeks ago. I’m afraid this might happen again but hopeful that it won’t.

In other news I still haven’t heard anything about my friend Kevin. I asked Ramiro to email his friends on facebook and no one has responded. I haven’t heard from him now in three days; the whole situation seems rather suspect to me. He has literally disappeared.

That’s the biggest news this week: A sick dog and a missing friend.

Argentina Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

It’s terrible, isn’t it? At least they tried.

Someone actually lives in this

Rough spotScary.