All About Me

Part I

Part II

We live in a very strange time. Back in Katharine Hepburn’s era one had to demonstrate an actual talent to achieve recognition, and there was a clear line separating fame from infamy.

Katharine Hepburn was intensely private her entire life. She rarely dined out for fear of being photographed. Legend has it that she once wrestled a camera from a photographer’s hand when he took her picture without permission. She distanced herself from the celebrity lifestyle, uninterested in a social scene she saw as tedious and superficial and wore casual clothes that went strongly against convention in an era of glamour.

Strange in comparison to today with the likes of the Kardashians who willfully pimp out their children in a senseless quest for attention.

As she entered old age Hepburn’s protective attitude thawed enough to allow this biographical film to be made about her. She had one caveat: She would narrate it. Hepburn died in 2003 at 96.

A true role model. I wish there was more like her.

I have embedded the first two videos, the remainder of the film can be found on YouTube. The parts where she speaks about her life with Spencer Tracy and his eventual death are heartbreaking moments.

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