Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney became famous as a feature player on Saturday Night Live, particularly portraying the androgynous character Pat.

Recently she has gained critical acclaim through her series of confessional one woman shows that chronicle the death of her brother from cancer, her own diagnosis with a rare form of cervical cancer and her conversion from Catholicism to atheism after discovering critical thinking.

The most famous of these shows are God Said Ha! and Letting Go of God, both of which are poignant and humorous monologues about very serious topics.

If you get a chance watch them and also read her blog, it’s very funny.

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These photos were taken four years ago during my self-inflicted Martha Stewart challenge. The goal was to cook my way through Martha Stewart’s Cooking School cookbook, substituting the meat recipes with tofu. You can imagine how poorly it went.

As you can probably tell I was inspired by Julie Powell who wrote Julie & Julia. Because of the ridiculous amount of butter required for each dish I gained a lot of weight, evident in these photos. I learned a valuable lesson: Stop cooking Martha Stewart recipes. I did and I lost weight.

I’m sorry but I have to share these photos because I just found them from an old blog I used to keep. The passage of time… How profound! I have to admit that I gained a lot of weight over these holidays. I have been eating a lot of chocolate and drinking a lot of wine. It’s getting gross.

No more weddings

My vow is to never attend another wedding as long as I live. I am 32 and have been to over 100 weddings. I found this photo from a couple of years ago and dread overwhelmed me.

It was taken at Tanya and Bob’s wedding and we had to tent on the lawn, that’s how remote we were. To save money she had her friends cater but they didn’t make any vegetarian food and they didn’t have the resources to serve the food on time and frequently. I had a little too much to drink and was struck with an aura migraine.

Can you imagine having a migraine and sleeping in a tent? I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy my creature comforts, like a bed.

I will never attend another camping wedding for as long as I live. Enough is enough.

Pasta with pesto sauce

This is what I made for dinner tonight. Divine.

Maude is too cute

Maude is going to play guitar

Maude can play the guitar

Maude under the Christmas tree

Maude and the Christmas tree -- She loved it!

My glass cupboard


Too many glasses!

When you have a job with a decent salary you begin to acquire things you don’t need. Like glasses. I have too many glasses. Martini glasses, wine glasses, beer pints, etc. Sadly there is more in the cupboard below. Let’s have a look.


We are a culture obsessed with stuff

The green plates you see on the bottom shelf have never been used. Not even when I have “special” guests. The contents on the top shelf are used often because they are from Ikea.

You understand where I’m going with this? Technically I don’t need all this stuff. Makes me think about my hero George Carlin.

Vegetarian bean dip

Vegetable bean dip

This was what was left of my famous vegetable bean dip last night.

This is possibly the most delicious and easy to make bean dip in the world. Your friends will be talking about it for days. Trust me. I make this at all my parties and everyone raves about it.


1 green bell pepper
A pint of cherry/grape tomatoes
A few green onions (your discretion)
2 cloves of garlic
1 can of lentils
1 can of black beans
1/2 bottle of 475 ml Kraft Catalina dressing vinaigrette

Mix it all up and serve.