Lisa can't believe how delicious the spread of food looks

On The Rocks is a Chinese karaoke bar in Toronto that my friends and I have been frequenting for over seven years. It’s always a guaranteed good time. Except for last night! Just joking.

Lisa and Matt came over first for some conversation and cocktails and then we met Scott, Victoria, Dee and Amy at the bar. These are the photos from the evening.

Matt and Beenie

Matt and Beenie

Franco and Lisa

The dynamic duo!

What's going on here?

What's going on here?

Stolen bike

On the way to the bar we found this bike, clearly stripped of its parts so naturally Lisa tried to ride it

On The Rocks

We arrived to a packed house

Amy and Franco

Amy and I didn't know we were both in the photo, hence the awkwardness

Amy and Franco

Now we know

Amy and Franco Duck Face

Duck face!

Franco, Amy and Dee

Me, Amy and Dee


A blurry picture of Matt

Aluminum beer

Gross aluminum beer

Scott, Maude, Keith and Victoria

Back at the apartment with very drunk people! Look at Maude's eyes! She's clearly disturbed.

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4 thoughts on “On The Rocks

  1. Oh my god, I know I already commented on your blog today, but I just looked at the last picture with Maude in it and I seriously cannot stop laughing. She looks terrified. Why do I find this so hilarious, what is wrong with me?

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