Ngorongoro Crater

Overlooking Ngorongoro Crater

In March 2010 I traveled to Tanzania, Africa with a group of twenty people. The purpose was to participate in building the foundation of a new school in the town of Moshi. In addition we went on safari in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and hiked up Mount Meru.

Foundation of school

Building the foundation of the school

Building the school

Building the school -- it was hard work!

Mount Kilimanjaro

The view of Mount Kilimanjaro from Mount Meru


On Safari


Lots of Giraffe


I love elephants


A Lioness


A Kikuyu village

The Kikuyu Chief

The Kikuyu Chief. We were told that he was over 90-years-old and had fathered over 100 children. Slut.


Kikuyu hut

Climb down Mount Meru

A slow climb down Mount Meru

What a hard life

What a hard life I lead

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