Friends For Life Bike Rally

My bike

My hybrid bike. I had the cheapest bike of all the cyclists but I love it still!

My trip down memory lane continues. In 2009 I participated in the Friends For Life Bike Rally in support of the People With AIDS (PWA) Foundation. Over 300 people cycled for six days and over 600 KM from Toronto to Montreal. In addition I raised over $2,300 for the PWA. I am still very proud of this accomplishment.

Friend For Life Bike Rally 2009

The cyclists take their group photo before our first day

Friends For Life Bike Rally 2009

We began our journey from Queen's Park in Toronto


Tenting. My least favourite thing to do.

Tent city

A common sight each night was tent city

Friends For Life Bike Rally 2009

Me and my bike on the last day in Quebec. I remember how exhausted I was.

Friends For Life Bike Rally 2009

All the cyclists met outside of Montreal before completing our journey into downtown with police escort

Friends For LIfe Bike Rally 2009

A beer soothed my muscle pain as I finally made it to Montreal!

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Chocolate cake


I made this delicious cake. Do you want to come over and eat it with me?

An update on Maude


Maude was a proud supporter of gay pride last summer

Last night Maude had two seizures. I was in the study writing and she was sleeping at my feet when the first one came. She rolled to her side and convulsed for under one ┬áminute. When she came out of it she was disoriented. Almost twenty minutes later she had another seizure that lasted for 30 seconds. It was almost as though she hadn’t fully recovered from the first one. Naturally she was rushed to the veterinarian.

In November Maude found it difficult to walk on her left leg. We learned that she had to have surgery to replace her knee (it’s more complicated than that but I’m making it easy for everyone to understand!)

Before the surgery on December 8 she suffered her first seizure. A week later she went under the knife and since then has almost fully recuperated and is walking well on her new leg.

On January 1st she had a second seizure and yesterday she had two more. The vet said that under these circumstances it’s clear that the frequency of the seizures are increasing and that she would diagnose Maude as having epilepsy.

However nothing is conclusive until she sees the neurologist on Monday who will make the official diagnosis. The vet was very reassuring. She said that the duress of both the leg injury and subsequent surgery may have triggered the seizures and that they may go away as quickly as they appeared, which is what I believe will happen.

On the other hand, if she does have epilepsy it’s nothing that medication can’t fix. The veterinarian said that epilepsy usually presents itself in dogs from the ages of 1 to 5 years of age and if dogs present seizures at about 4 or 5-years-old it’s an indication that they may have something more serious, like a brain tumour. So far it is not suspected that Maude has a brain tumour.

Keith and I have been updating friends and family about Maude and everyone assumes that she is experiencing these health issues because she is an English Bulldog. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact we have been told that none of her conditions are breed specific and that they can happen in dogs of all shapes and sizes.

English Bulldogs are the best dog breed, as far as I’m concerned. Unless you own one you’ll never understand what loving, loyal animals they are.

So that’s my update on Maude for everyone who has been writing to me and asking. Right now she’s in the master bedroom sleeping on the bed, as she is known to do. When she is conscious she is alert and present.

I hope to put this past us real soon.


She looks so impressed

2011 Pride and Remembrance Run

2011 Pride and Remembrance Run

2011 Pride and Remembrance Run

For five consecutive years I have participated in the Pride and Remembrance 5KM Run during pride week in Toronto. This year Lisa and Keith joined me in the adventure and I found these pictures which are very nice. All proceeds raised for the run go to charities that support the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS. It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad that this year I had company.