You’ve Been Trumped

God I hate this man!

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Café de Flore

Canadian cinema can often surprise us…

Forever Young

Today I was listening to the song Forever Young and for some peculiar reason I thought about my friend Kieran Kelly who died in 1999.

Kieran and I attended high school together, we were not particularly close but he had been over to my parent’s house in Brampton a couple of times and we shared many laughs together.

I remember how he used to tease me about my hair, which was always awful and never moved.

What struck me most about Kieran was how confident he was. While rehearsing for one of the many high school plays we participated in, a couple of the jocks who sat idly watching and poking fun at us, started hurling spit balls at him. Kieran was undeterred and it didn’t break his stoic resolve. He simply kept going, delivering his lines without breaking.

I wish I had that determination, even now. No matter what those bullies did to him, he just kept going.

Kieran died at the age of 21 in Sauble Beach. He was at a rave when he wandered off into the woods. His body was found a month later.

Every now and again I think about Kieran. I can remember his round freckled face so vividly. He had a slight lisp, and was always funny. I wonder, if he had lived, what he would have made of his life, what experiences he would have acquired and if he would have a wife, and a family.

I guess to me he will always be that brave teenager in high school who called me on my shit. To me he’ll always be forever young.

Lucky bastard.

Puerta Uno

Rhys recently tweeted me and I was reminded of the time we went to Puerta Uno in Barrio Chino.

I’ve been reading a lot about the growing number of secret bars in Buenos Aires. Drawing inspiration from the “Speakeasy” days of U.S. prohibition, Buenos Aires has turned secret bars into an art.

To enter you need a password and most establishments in BA have unmarked doors, making the experience exciting and adventurous.

Puerta Uno’s interior is wonderfully decorated and serves as a great place for some drinks and grub (so I’ve heard, I did not peruse the food menu). The bartenders are top notch and take their jobs seriously. I had the best pear martini in my life at Puerta Uno.

When in Buenos Aires take the time and enjoy.