Punta Brasas in Palermo Hollywood

Chocolate volcano

Chocolate volcano -- gorgeous!

Last night I attended Alejandro’s 37th birthday celebration at Punta Brasas in Palermo Hollywood. The weather was stifling but the food was marvelous. I had never been in the intimate company of so many gay men in my entire life, none of whom I could understand. But they were nice to me anyway. Actually, I spoke briefly to an Australian expat who has lived in Buenos Aires for three years. It’s always refreshing to meet someone who has shared similar experiences as me. Pictures of the evening are below.

Palermo summer

The evening brought no breeze and a lot of sweaty brows

Sweet succulent wine

Sweet succulent wine

The birthday guests

The birthday guests, just 30 of Alejandro's closest friends

The terrace

The terrace was surprisingly spacious for so many guests

A streak of blue

Argentines aren't big on colour so I brought a streak of blue

Flash or no flash?

Flash or no flash?

The street below

Punta Brasas is located on Honduras in Palermo Hollywood

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