Three samples of beer to choose from! Oh My! They didn't take long to devour.

First let me state that I am not a beer connoisseur, nor do I pretend to be. However, I love beer, and when I heard about Buena Birra Social Club I knew I wanted to check it out. Owned and operated by brother and sister Maria Eugenia and Ariel, Buena Birra Social Club — a puerta cerrada, or a closed-door, reservation-only establishment — attempts to rectify the lack of fine microbeweries in Buenos Aires.  Ariel concocts all the beers himself in a small room in his backyard and runs Buena Birra Social Club (do you think I’ve plugged the name enough?) from his own home — he lives upstairs. The Travel Chica does a much better job than I could at explaining the experience so I’m just going to let her get on with it and show you my pictures from the evening.

Wait! I have a startling factoid: Did you know that beer in Argentina contains only 3.5% of alcohol? Mind. Blown.

Vegetarian pizza

As usual the only thing I could eat was pizza! Hello belly!


Retro wall decorations -- loves it


Succulent beer


I coaxed Ramiro to come with me, and thank God I did. No one, not even Maria Eugenia and Ariel, spoke English! Ramiro is traveling to Miami and Texas in February leaving me as the primary caretaker of his apartment. I hope I don't burn it down. I hate gas ovens!


I have no idea what this board was supposed to represent. It was all a blur.


The patio

The view from the patio

The view from the patio

Me on the patio

Me on the patio looking like a doofus

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