Avenida Cabildo

Avenida Cabildo, one of the major arteries of Buenos Aires

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for 5 months now. So much has happened yet I’m surprised with how normal it all seems. There are days where I’m bored out of my mind and then there are those where I’m exhausted from the energy of the city.

President Cristina Fernandez instituted several new holidays during the month of February and I plan on taking advantage of her generosity. For mid-February I have organized a trip to San Rafael in the province of Mendoza. I am renting a house for four nights with a pool. Isn’t that cool? I plan on relaxing, reading, writing and of course, visiting world famous vineyards in the Napa Valley of Argentina. In case you’re not familiar, Mendoza is the largest wine producing area in Latin America with over 800 wineries.

In addition to Mendoza, I’m also planning a trip to Colonia, Uruguay and Iguazu Falls later in the same month. While touring Iguazu I plan on staying at this hostel that I read about on the Time Travel Turtle’s blog. These trips ensure that I have lots of photos and stories to post on my blog which makes me a happy man.

Now that you are updated on my near-future plans have a look at some of the photographs I took this morning during my coffee run.

Avenida Cabildo

I live on Cuba and Congreso, a mere 2 minute walk to Avenida Cabildo where I catch the subte

Beunos Aires apartment

This is the exterior of the apartment building where I am staying in Buenos Aires


People like the boy you see to your right are know as los cartoneros, and they wander throughout Buenos Aires collecting cardboard in exchange for a few pesos

Frida Kahlo ristorante

Frida Kahlo ristorante

Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Graffiti is everywhere in Buenos Aires

House in Buenos Aires

I love the houses in Argentina

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166 thoughts on “5 months in Buenos Aires

  1. Hello fellow Canadian Expat! Great pics and awesome post! Just dropping you a comment to say I’m also Canadian expat who grew up in Niagara Falls but now lives in Sardinia. Wishing you happy travels. Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  2. Yeah, Argentina is a beautiful country isn’t it? I’m a bit biased because I’m an Argentinian myself and have lived here for all my life, but whatever :P I’ve been to Buenos Aires like four or five times. Though I wouldn’t like living there because the city is kind of insecure, and you come across strikes all the time, and the traffic is insoportable and all of that, I love visiting it for a few days. There’s so much history there, beautiful shops in Palermo, great theatres and design… Well, I think you might never get bored there. I live in Villa María, a small city in the province of Córdoba. Have you visited or thought to visit las sierras de Córdoba? They are wonderful, you shouldn’t miss it ;)
    Congrats on being freshly pressed y un abrazo grande che! :D

  3. That house is amazing! Great photos. Have a fun vacation, although the fact that you’re living in Argentina right now kind of makes this a vacation on top of a vacation. Hey! Save some for the rest of us! ;)

  4. My wife and I were in BsAs this time last year, so many great memories. We had an appartment in Palermo Hollywood which if you’ve not been is a really cool part of town. Around the corner from there is an area called Las Canitas and is worth checking out and if you’re not yet bored of steak be sure to check out el Primo. If the steak is getting too much then go see Constant at A Nos Amours (tell him Craig says Hi!)

    • Hey, I’m in Las Canitas and Palermo Hollywood almost daily, both great areas. I live in Belgrano, next to subte linea D. Sadly I’m a vegetarian and don’t eat meat, not even fish, so I have had to abstain from famous Argentine dishes! But I will check out A Nos Amours and say hi for you! Thanks for the comment.

      • Hi Franco, nice shots! I remember seeing that house, but then again there are many similar houses in Buenos Aires -I’m guessing those are from the 80s, I can see the neon lights even if they’re not there-. Anyways, I’ve lived in Buenos Aires for a couple of years, and I’m happy to see you’re enjoying the city :) Hey, have you tried “Natural Deli”? It’s an amazing vegetarian restaurant and market (natural-deli.com), I’ve only tried the one in Recoleta because it was a few blocks from my place but I think there’s one in Las Cañitas. Have a nice time in Mendoza! (and be careful, you might fall in love with Uruguay)

      • Hi Gisele, thank you for the wonderful comment. I haven’t tried Natural Deli yet, at least I don’t think I have. It’s hard to keep track sometimes!

      • Ah so you know them, its a cool part of town.

        If you need to unwind I can highly recommend the eco yoga park about an hour or so outside of BsAs. Its run by hare krishnas, you have to work the land for a few hours in the morning and you get the afternoons off. Yoga two or three times a day and lots of veggie food. We spent just shy of two weeks there and had a blast, meeting some wonderful people in the process.



  5. When I lived in Chile my boss was from Buenos Aires. He used to say “Do you know what I love about Chile? It’s like a little Argentina!”

    I loved Chile and would also love to visit Argentina. Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences.

  6. It has become one of my dreams to travel to Argentina!. Nice pictures. It looks fun :)

    I wish i could travel around the world… but… no money :'(

  7. I’m so excited for you! I lived in Mendoza for 3 months (about 5 years ago) and LOVED it. Such a beautiful place. While in Argentina, I took a trip out to Iguazú and stayed in the hostel you mentioned, thought I don’t remember there being a pool. It was May, so I may have overlooked it. At the park, I recommend doing the big tour (via boat, gigantic atv, and then under the falls). It was incredible! When I got home it was my mission to tell everyone about how amazing it was and try to get them out there. Look out for the overly friendly coatis and have fun!

  8. When I went to Iguazu last summer (well, summer in the USA), we went on a long nature walk through the jungle, keeping quiet in hopes of spotting coatis and monkeys. After at least an hour of nondescript birds, we were thrilled to have spotted a couple of monkeys far off from the trail. We got back to the visitor’s center and found were dozens of coatis and several capuchins, crawling all over the place grubbing for food. In any case, the falls are absolutely stunning, and the coati antics are great amusement. Have fun!

  9. Like an Argentinean having been born in BA. Yes I´m a “Porteño” actually I´m living in the outsides of the Capital City, like you said it´s a beautiful city! I also have an italian citizenship, I lived in Spain, Italy and Germany for working during more than 2 years. And I returned too soon, I really missed that BA noise! :)
    Great pictures hope u´ve enjoyed it!
    Now Mendoza, I´ve visited Mendoza 3 times, it´s one of the most beautiful province in Arg. there you have all! I recommend 2u not to forget to visit Las cuevas, Uspallata and the San Martin Park they are great places to breath the most fresh air in the world!
    I´ll be waiting for your Mendoza´s pictures!!

  10. I look forward to visiting B.A., and this serves as a great reminder. I wish the US and Argentina could waive that $140USD entry fee and that flights could be well under $1000. Do you have plans to stay longer? It is a good idea to buy up a small parcel of land there in case the political and economic balance tips too much further in the North. All the best – “tarotworldtour”

  11. Since you mentioned the cartoneros, you should know about Librería Elisa in La Boca. It’s a cooperative where the cartoneros can get a couple centavos more for their cartón, and the cardboard is then turned into covers for books and the books are published right there. Most of the books are out-of-print or by local authors and poets. It’s SUPER interesting, I wish I could tell you what street it’s on but it’s worth hunting around for if you have an hour or so to wander around that part of town. ¡Saludos!

  12. Hey, I’m also living in Buenos Aires (originally from US)! I’ve been thinking to either go to Mendoza for the upcoming holidays or Santiago. Will be looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  13. I’ve always wanted to travel to Buenos Aires so I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and getting some ideas of what to do if I ever make it south. I hope you enjoy your time there and wherever else you go!

  14. Great synopsis of your daily life in Buenos Aires. One line in particular stood out for me, because it described exactly how I felt during my time in this city: “There are days where I’m bored out of my mind and then there are those where I’m exhausted from the energy of the city.” Spot on.

    Enjoy BsAs and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Hi Meghan, thank you for the support and for commenting. The boredom can be suffocating at times, but then so can the plethora of activities. If there is one thing I have learned from the Porteños it is patience!

  15. I’ve just up loaded my first blog about a fishing adventure to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. We stopped over in Buenos Aires and thoroughly enjoyed the friendliness of the people, the best steaks on the planet and the Malbec grape from, as you say, the Mendoza region. Even the eclectic architecture had a charm about it.

    However, I do think Buenos Aires should market itself differently. Everything seemed to pivot around visiting the cemetery. As your post implies, thers’s a lot more to Buenos Aires then that.

    I enjoyed the post thanks.


    • I think BA is one of those places, muck like my hometown Toronto, that you have to spend a lot of time in to get an authentic experience. Recoleta cemetery is great, but there is a lot more to BA than Eva Peron’s tomb! I’m glad you had a good time while here though.

  16. What a nice blog! Well my husband and I are planning a trip to Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls, in November, but … we were somewhere hesitating.. BA or River cruise on the Rhine.?.. not the same I know.. reading your post I go back to Argentina, first..
    I am Italian, one of my old friends, loved the country,very much, feeling ‘ at home’. He even wanted to move there with its family, so since then I have this idea in the back of my mind that I should go visit.just for that, even more now reading your lines ..Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations!

  17. What can I say?
    I just love what you did and the way you did it, an Argentinean myself!
    Please check my blogs loniduekart.wordpress.com for art and paintings

  18. We are going to Buenos Aires in a few weeks so I had to see what you had to say on your blog. I also enjoyed reading other blogger comments. Sounds like Iguazu Falls is something we should see. The city, and especially the weather, will be big change for us here in Kentucky.

  19. I love Buenos Aires! I have considered moving so many times, but I don’t know how hard it would be to find a job there.
    May I ask what are you doing over there and how good your spanish is?

  20. Hi,
    Love your photos.
    I’m really interested in life in Argentina.
    How’s teaching English in Buenos?
    My own Latin American dream has just been postponed so I’m enjoying vicariously living through yours.

    • Thanks. I try taking good photos but rarely succeed. Teaching English in BA is probably the worst part about living here to be honest. I’m lucky because I have really good students, but the institutes see teachers as a conduit to money, and that’s about it. Also if your students cancel classes, you don’t get paid. It’s definitely hard to budget for the month but you can survive here on very little. I’ll send you an email later with more details. Even though teaching isn’t as stable as I would like it, this has been a fabulous experience and I recommend it to everyone!

  21. I’m your neighbor across the Andes. I’ve been in Santiago, Chile on and off for the past three years. I’m sort of in visa limbo land now and I have to make a border run to Bs As soon. Poor me ;)

    Nice pictures.

  22. I am really enjoying your blog about your travels through Argentina. During my first two years at UT Austin, I studied abroad in Córdoba. Such a wonderful country to spend time in, and certainly less experience than the Europe study abroad I was considering before.

    • Ahhhh. Córdoba, I have heard great things about, as well as Rosario. I will try and fit those excursions into my very light schedule! Thank you for reading and commenting.

  23. I lived there for ten years! Enjoy it, it’s absolutely beautiful and the most life I have ever seen in a place. Go to the river a lot and enjoy the sunny skies! Best of luck

  24. My father was from Argentina; I had the good fortune of traveling there and staying for long periods of time; I even went to school for a year and it was a wonderful experience. It’s true what they say about Buenos Aires being the Europe of South America. I’m a native New Yorker and I have to say that when it comes to a “Melting Pot”, Buenos Aires has nothing to envy New York. You have everything, from Teatro Colon, to Calle Florida, the French style cafe’s. I miss Argentina, Cordoba is beautiful, and Bariloche for skiing is amazing, but the best part of Buenos Aires are the people, everyone is friendly, you make friends easily, over a delicious Argentinean pizza pie and a glass of wine…I’m due for a trip!!!!

    • I agree that there are a lot of great things about BA. An unfortunate aspect of living here is that crime is very high and Argentines have a very casual attitude about preventing it. I was pick-pocketed a couple of weeks ago and when I told my porteños friends they behaved as though I deserved it. I just read that in San Telmo alone there have been over a dozen robberies at gun point over the last couple of days. I do love this country, but in terms of quality of life Canada will always be my home.

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