Ellen Degeneres and One Million Moms

Those people who are opposed to civil rights, are on the losing end of the argument. History will reflect their bigotry. Trust me.

Argentina and Canada are two countries that support and legalized marriage equality and they should be commended, no doubt. I am proud to be a Canadian for many reasons, primarily because gay people are equal members of our society, protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedom and the Bill of Rights.

The U.S. still has some ways to go. In many states it is still illegal for gay people to adopt. Illegal. Can you imagine that? I can’t fathom going through my life with restrictions that my fellow heterosexual citizens don’t have.

Ellen Degeneres is one of the more vocal gay celebrities and recently she teamed with J.C. Penny to be their new spokesperson. Not everyone was happy with this news. An organization called One Million Moms started a campaign to get Ellen fired. They argue that because she is gay, she doesn’t represent “traditional values” and that J.C. Penny is not “remaining neutral in the culture-war” between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Here’s my thing about people of any religious (but in this case Christian) organization, who oppose gay rights. There is no greater lifestyle than a Christian lifestyle. If you want to talk about choice, let’s talk about your choice to be hateful. If you believe that gay people are an abomination, perverts, and corrupting the morals of society you’re not living in reality. Because you choose to be religious and follow an antiquated doctrine, does not mean that everyone else in your country should or even wants to.

I understand that to justify your choices you want people to accept your worldview, but as a gay person, I don’t live a lifestyle, and I certainly don’t choose to be discriminated against by narrow-minded simpletons like yourselves.

If you’re straight think about how difficult it is for gay people. You can walk in public holding your partners’ hand without the threat of violence. Gay people, even in countries like Canada, face the potential of physical violence if they display public affection. How would you like it if that was your reality?

Anyway, Ellen discusses the entire debacle in the video above. Enjoy.


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6 thoughts on “Ellen Degeneres and One Million Moms

  1. While I completely disagree with the statement that there is no greater lifestyle than the christian lifestyle, I agree with everything else you’ve written here.

    Cheers to Ellen Degeneres!

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