Mondongo Cultural



While in La Plata I stopped by this unconventional restaurant/bar called Mondongo Cultural. It serves as a meeting place for artists, and musicians with a full menu and a limited, yet nourishing wine list. One of the highlights for me was the local beer, a nice addition to any hot summer afternoon.

I’m struggling to find the right word to describe the venue. I want to say bohemian but that doesn’t sound right. It’s a welcoming youthful establishment with plenty of character that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s run by a young couple from Tucumán who have a relaxed vibe. There’s lots of art work on the wall and a room where musicians entertain.

Anyway, for what it’s worth — and please remember I lack credibility and don’t like to take pictures of food because I completely suck at it — I would recommend you check this joint (yes you read that word correctly) out. Just for the décor alone. I was there for lunch, but it doesn’t come alive until the evening. Obviously.

Music room

Music room

Cabra 52

Cabra 52 beer


Lunch. Completely vegetarian. And delicious.

The patio

The patio, lots of smoking and drinking goes on here!


Such lovely windowsill decorations

Dining area

Dining area. I had to use the flash so it doesn’t look as good as it does in person.


I had to take photos of the peanut things, ’cause I felt like it

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