Whitney Houston

I wasn’t that surprised about Whitney Houston’s passing. She had been absent from reality for well over a decade. My older siblings have struggled with addiction for years. As a family we did what we could but it’s a complicated mess of a disorder.

It goes to show you that money and notoriety can’t bring happiness. It isn’t a magic wand like a lot of people think it is, and the demons that lurk inside us, can’t be chased away because we’re recognized.

Fame is a very strange thing in our culture. We believe that famous people are somehow more valuable than those with nine to five jobs. I’ve always rejected this attitude our culture has towards celebrity. It’s the art of distraction, designed so that we don’t have to confront the perils of a dwindling economic system, wars, famine, poverty and so much more.

Last year, for some bizarre reason I started to listen to Whitney Houston’s music. To this day I have never watched The Bodyguard, or any of her movies. I thought that like most people in that stratosphere of fame, she wasn’t all that talented. Sure she had a beautiful voice, but she couldn’t write music, and she was just as marketed as every other mainstream musician. She was simply a money-making machine for the music industry.

Comfortable in my smugness I gave her greatest hits album a listen and I was mesmerized by her voice. It was unlike anything that I’ve ever heard, and will probably ever hear again. I was a convert, and apologized for my earlier judgments. This was a God-given voice.

Now she’s dead. At 48. Leaving behind her young daughter. If there is any consolation in this tragedy,┬áit is the idea that she has been released from whatever haunted her all these years.

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City Hall in La Plata

City Hall in La Plata

City Hall in La Plata

On the other end of Plaza Moreno, opposite the church, is the City Hall of La Plata. Another white building in Argentina — shocking. I thought it was stunning enough to write a post about it. There’s even a good chance that it’s not City Hall and I got my facts wrong. This is not entirely impossible. This is me after all.

Yesterday I was shocked by my carelessness. I noticed that I often use identical words in back-to-back sentences. For example I used the word “quickly” in my post about Pedro Aznar too closely together in the same paragraph. I didn’t even realize this embarrassing graph until the evening. I don’t know why but these mistakes bother me, and I feel compelled to fix them. I should take more time and care, but then I remember that it’s a blog and a not a Pulitzer Prize worthy piece of journalistic genius. I feel better when I have more perspective.

Well that’s all I have to say. Oh yeah, City Hall. It was pretty.

Franco and City Hall

Franco and City Hall

I took a photo of this guy wearing white with a splash of red, and for a second thought about posting it on Tap That Guy, but then I thought better of it. Was this creepy of me? Probably but what’s done is done. I can’t go back and erase the past, no matter how half-heartedly I try.

Tap That Guy

Tap That Guy

Tap That Guy 2

That's a lot of white. Fierce.