They weren’t lying

I take back my earlier comment about spitting in the faces of meteorologists. Forgive me.

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San Rafael Mendoza, Day II — The Atuel Canyon, Part II

Long and winding road

The long and winding road. You can see the Andes in the distance.

Here are the last photographs from my adventure to the Atuel Canyon. In spite of the heat, I had a great time, and would do it again in another couple of years if given the opportunity. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go to sleep and try to beat the heat. These jokers called meteorologists are calling for rain. I spit in their faces, how’s that for rain? Chau.

Long drive

It was a long drive

The Nihuil Mirror

At the mouth of the Atuel Canyon is the Nihuil Mirror; today it was a little ripply


The bus that gets people around in one piece, allegedly

The Atuel Canyon

The Atuel Canyon, one last time!


I took a geology course in university which proved useless on today's trip. $40,000 spent on an education and I can't remember anything I learned!

Pseudo Mount Rushmore

It's like Mount Rushmore, but not

Rio Atuel

Rio Atuel

Rio Atuel

Rio Atuel -- for the last time!


The show stoppper -- Donkeys!

Atuel Canyon

San Rafael Mendoza, Day II — The Atuel Canyon, Part I

Atuel Canyon

The majestic Atuel Canyon

Oh Argentina, how you enrage and dazzle me all at once. I awoke in a cranky mood because there is no air conditioning in this God forsaken place. Luckily there was a lovely thunderstorm last night, and yes, rain did fall. But by morning the sun was murderous. The itinerary for today was to tour the Atuel Canyon, and it did not disappoint – I was floored by how mighty it was.

I could bore you with a history lesson, but I imagine there are countless websites who have done a more thorough job than I ever could. So I’ll leave it to them if you want more information.

The objective of this post is to entertain you with this photo essay depicting my love affair with the canyon. Enjoy.

Franco and the Atuel Canyon

The Atuel Canyon and me -- it was a hot day! I have to wear a cap because I am losing all my hair and the sun will burn the top of my head. Don't mind my hair loss, I'm finding it all in my ears. Win, win!

The Atuel River

The Atuel River and me

The Atuel River

The Atuel River and me -- again!

The Atuel River

I know I know me and the river again, I swear I fell in love

The Atuel Canyon

The Atuel Canyon went on for over 100 km

The Atuel Canyon

I was blessed by a wondrous cloudy sky that brought respite from the blistering sun

White Horse

A white horse grazing!

Toursit Information

At the Nihuil Mirror I found a tourist stop, with only cacti to help

Check back for more on my trip to the Atuel River. The Internet here is 1998 slow, so you can imagine how long it takes to upload photographs.  I hope to have everything completed by late evening.