Iguazu Falls in one day


What the hell is this thing? The Internet tells me it's a Coati and it wants your food! These funny looking creatures were everywhere. I loved them, not enough to pet them, like some other nuts were brave enough to do.

The plan was to spend the entire weekend in Iguazu but yesterday I awoke with an odd stomach flu and couldn’t make my flight. I arranged with LAN airlines, and with some assistance from Keith back home (damn you Skype!), to have my fight changed, and so I departed at 8:05 this morning. Let me preface with a confession: I am not a good flyer. I am deathly afraid of getting on a plane and have been known to panic at the mere thought of flying. My entire demeanour alters before departure date and I end up calling the airline and changing my flight in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable: My death.

Anyway with that bit of knowledge, the plane took off on schedule and I was literally on the lower trail by 10:30 a.m. The falls were just as beautiful as everyone has described. Unfortunately it wasn’t the clearest day and it did rain. The other crummy part was that my camera died just as I had made it to the Devils Throat. For some reason (supposedly my own stupidity) my camera doesn’t save my preferred settings when I turn it off. This means that I have to reset everything when I switch the damn thing back on, so to avoid this banality I just keep my camera on, but after four hours, I didn’t realize how deadly that bit of cracked wisdom was until it was too late. Anyway, the positive to all this was that I sat and I stared at the marvel before me, sans camera. It was refreshing to be without a bit of technology, and to share a moment with nature, and 5,000 other people.

I completed the entire tour in under five hours, got a taxi back to the airport, and hopped on the last plane back to Buenos Aires. It’s for the best really, otherwise I would have lost sleep thinking about the impending doom awaiting me the next day, and by that I mean my horrific fiery death 37,000 feet in the air.

Thankfully I’m in one piece. The good news is that I get to watch the Oscars with my American friend Kevin. He’s bringing beer, sweet nurturing beer!

Here are some pictures from my day.

Lower Trail, Iguazu Falls

I walked along the Lower Trail and out of no where, this majestic revelation appeared

More water

That's a hell of a lot of water



Water fall

It was a marvel at how close we could get to the water

The Upper Trail, Iguazu Falls

The Upper Trail, Iguazu Falls. This is the waterfall I am standing in front of in the photo above.



I took over 100 photos and they will be up on my flickr page soon. Go there if you want to see more.

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