Kony 2012

The man who created this video is annoying especially when he says, “If this happened one day in America, it would be on the cover of Newsweek” but I think his intentions are good, no matter how self-serving they may be.

What’s happening in Uganda is mortifying, but of course, we’re more concerned with our gadgets and trivial personal problems to stop and care for just a second. Hopefully this video will help educate people and maybe encourage some of us to act up and do something. It’s already proving how effective young people’s selfless actions can be.

We demand a lot of the American government and I will agree that removing Joseph Kony from power should have been more a priority than occupying Iraq but they can’t save everyone, no matter how severe the atrocities are. Removing one insane leader is not going to change cultural attitudes.

I could go on, but I think it’s best if you watch the video, just try to avoid the director’s grating voice! He should turn his lens to the poverty in his own country, but I’ll just shut my mouth now.

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