Museo Evita

Museo Evita

Two weekends ago, after putting it off for so long, I paid a visit the Museo Evita in Palermo. For only 15 pesos you get a nice little Evita postcard (see left) and…. well, that’s it. Oh and you get to walk around the museum.

My fascination with Eva Perón began in 1996 when the movie Evita, starring Madonna, was released in theatres. Like many people I was moved by the story of a young peasant girl who moves to the big city, overcomes adversity and changes the social landscape of her nation.

If we’re to believe the legend, Evita took from the rich and gave to the poor. While she was at it, she took a little from the rich for herself.

Not much in Argentina has changed. The current president has created a welfare state where 50 per cent of the population receives government subsidies of about 1,800 pesos a month. Most president’s focus on job creation, but this way she’s guaranteed half the population’s vote come election time. She received 54 per cent in 2011. She advocates a socialist life for everyone but herself. Since becoming president, Cristina’s net worth has exponentially increased while the average Argentine struggles to afford a loaf of bread. Corruption in Argentina has changed little from when Eve Perón was alive.

Anyway, the museum. There was plenty of fashion on display, and videos of Evita’s many passionate speeches from the Casa Rosada. It was definitely worth the admission. The building itself was purchased by the María Eva Duarte de Perón Social Aid Foundation in 1948 and there are many photographs on display of Argentina’s famous first lady posing with her descamisados.

Unfortunately I got an aura migraine while I was there and couldn’t enjoy the world-renowned restaurant on the ground floor. Oh well…  if I look on the bright side at least I saved a couple of pesos!

Check out the museum, you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.

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Iguazu Falls


Iguazu Falls

This post has nothing to do with it being Friday but I wanted to write TGIF so there you have it.

The weather has certainly cooled in Buenos Aires. While visiting Iguazu Falls last month I was stymied by the humidity. There’s no remnants of that left, thank God. I don’t believe in God so I don’t know why I keep referring to Him all the time. Habit I suppose.

There were a couple of more photos I wanted to share with you from my trip to Iguazu. During my arduous one day journey I remember two areas where the roar of the waterfalls couldn’t reach. There lies stillness.

Sometimes when I’m walking through Beunos Aires I’m overwhelmed by the population and noise pollution and then, I turn a corner, and I’m alone. It’s as though I’ve landed in an undiscovered region. I stand there, close my eyes and take a long breath. Then, the fear that I’ll be mugged at any moment bitch slaps me across the face and I return to reality.

Stillness is a welcome distraction though.

Iguazu Falls

The world suddenly stopped

Iguazu Falls

The long road of water

Dolores Claiborne

“An accident Dolores, can be an unhappy woman’s best friend.”

Kathy Bates wasn’t nominated for her performance in this stunning movie, filmed on location in Nova Scotia, Canada. She should have won every award the year it was released because it’s a landmark achievement in acting and one of the best motion pictures ever made. A couple of nights ago I had a dream about it and realized  that I haven’t watched it in over five years. I’ll have to right that wrong this week.

If you get a chance, watch it.

Lose Your Dreams and You Will Lose Your Mind



Van Koning Bar

Van Koning Bar

11 p.m. St. Patty's Day. When will I learn that porteños rise after 2 a.m?

After Belgrano, Las Cañitas is my favourite Buenos Aires barrio. The best place to grab a pinta in Las Cañitas is at Van Koning Bar. Dark, drafty and illuminated by only candles, it reminds of ghostly haunts like Gordon’s Wine Bar in London, England. What joy!

Van Koning Bar

Mostly candle lit, but electricity isn't far!

El Club de la Milanesa

El Club de la Milanesa

A couple of weekends ago I went to El Club de la Milanesa for, you guessed it, milanesa! All the milanesa one could possibly hope for is served at this Recoleta establishment. I took some photos, mostly of the beer tower, none of the food.

Priorities. Check it out if you’re in Buenos Aires.

Beer at El Club de la Milanesa

The beer contraption thingy. It was a lot of beer.

Argentina ari conditioning

This is what Argentina uses for air conditioning. They are rarely enough to beat the formidable heat and water often leaks from them.

Think of the pain the meat on your plate endured

I swear to God I never thought I would be one of those preaching vegetarians. I’ve spent a lot of time researching what happens to the animals that we eat. The pain and suffering that they endure to gratify our hedonistic pleasures is unbearable. For what? To take photos of our dinner plates to post on facebook?  I can’t comprehend human cruelty. It’s too painful.

Think twice about eating meat and supporting sports that force animals to live and suffer in abhorrent conditions.

Watch the video. I know it’s not what people want to hear or see. If you can’t commit to a vegetarian diet, eat less meat, and learn where it comes from. I implore you.