Villa Ocampo

Unfortunately stepping on the grass is prohibited so the only way to get a decent photograph of the house is to crawl under a few trees by the gate.

Villa Ocampo is the former residence of the late Victoria Ocampo, one of Latin American’s most prominent cultural figures. She was most famous as a writer and Argentine intellectual. Villa Ocampo was a meeting place for Buenos Aires’ intellectual establishment, including Jorge Luis Borges. The house was built by Victoria’s father, and became her permanent home in 1940 and remained so until her death in 1979. She is buried in La Recoleta Cemetery. Villa Ocampo is located in the posh San Isidro neighbourhood. Photographs of the exterior of the building are permitted but not inside. However if you sneak downstairs to the basement where the public washrooms are located you can snap a few pictures of the laundry room.

Villa Ocampo

This is me near the kitchen. There's a tiny restaurant inside that I didn't bother to try.

Villa Ocampo

Nothing says decadence more than a statue!

Villa Ocampo

A fountain is also a clear indication of class

Villa Ocampo

The house is surrounded by lovely gardens and pristine gravel walkways

Villa Ocampo

It was a cloudy and rainy day in Buenos Aires

Villa Ocampo

I love how the houses in Argentina are painted with vibrant colours. I wish we did the same thing in Canada.

Villa Ocampo

The terrace is reserved for private functions, unfortunately!

Villa Ocampo

Out back is this cute Gazebo that used to overlook the Rio de le Plata. The view has since been replaced with old trees and over-populated roads.

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