Morgan's Bar in Belgrano

Morgan’s Bar in Belgrano

Located in Belgrano, Morgan Bar is the closest authentic English/Irish pub experience I’ve had in Buenos Aires. When I arrived, there was only one person working and she was having beer near the entrance with a male friend. She was very sweet and helpful. If you’re in town and want a beer in comforting surroundings, definitely check this place out. I loved it.

Morgan Bar
Belgrano, Amenabar 2363

Morgan's Bar in Belgrano

The waitress didn’t know how to work the taps. I ordered a bottle of Stella and shared.

Morgan's Bar in Belgrano

At 5 p.m. on a Saturday in Buenos Aires and the place is dead. It’s packed by midnight.

Morgan's Bar in Belgrano

Nothing but oak!

Duff beer!

Duff beer!

The washroom

The dark journey to pee

Morgan's Bar in Belgrano

Me the dork

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4 thoughts on “Morgan Bar

  1. Again, no address! I suppose I am being a pest because I =know= I could google it but I keep reading these posts about places twice thinking I must have skipped over the address because I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be included! Do you keep the addresses out of the posts on purpose? Thanks and hopefully I’m not being too much of a bug. :-)

    • I know I should post the address but I never jot them down and I could google but I figure so can the reader! I’m lazy!!! You’re not being a pest, no worries. I can only tell you how to walk there from my apartment! I’ll find the address and post it soon.

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