Tori Amos’ David Letterman appearances

Crucify, 1992

Precious Things, 1994

Cornflake Girl, 1994

Father Lucifer, 1996

Muhammad, My Friend, 1996

Silent All These Years, 1997

Jackie’s Strength, 1998

Bliss, 1999

Time, 2001 (First post-9/11 musical guest, Dave is quite emotional here)

A Sorta Fairytale, 2002

Sleeps With Butterflies, 2005 (This is my favourite Letterman performance)

Big Wheel, 2007

Pink and Glitter, 2009

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Dreem by Perfume Genius

This is my favourite song from Perfume Genius’ first album Learning. I’m certain I’ve posted about it before, but it’s worth a repeat.



Michael Christian monster sculptor in the Distillery District, Toronto.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms at Keating Channel Pub

Cherry Blossoms

During the Spring time in Toronto photographers explore the Cherry Blossoms in High Park. Not me though. I walked to the Keating Channel Pub in the east end to shower some attention on the often overlooked and less popular blooms in that area.

Cherry Blossoms

Hollywood North

Toronto filming

Filming outside of George Street Diner in Toronto

Toronto is known as Hollywood North because a number of American films have been made here. It usually plays the role of New York City or Chicago because the cost of filming in Canada is cheaper. In fact, the musical Chicago was filmed at Casa Loma and the Distillery District here in Toronto.

George Street Diner is a little breakfast place located in front of my condo building that is often used for location shooting. Inside it has a 1950s quality that is popular for period pieces. They also make a mean fruit salad that you have to try if you’re ever in town.

On another note, my site is taking a long time to load because my photos are too large. I’m trying to correct the problem. I apologize if it’s tested your patience. I did notice it last week but thought it was in part due to slow Buenos Aires Internet connection, but Lisa emailed me this morning and said that the powerful macs she uses at work are also having difficulty loading the pages. Apparently each photo is 5MB. Whoops!

I’ll have to resize the images going forward.

Perfume Genius at The Drake Hotel in Toronto

Lisa, Keith and I went to see Perfume Genius perform at The Drake Hotel on Queen St. West this evening. He has a remarkably soulful voice and is a skilled pianist. We were in heaven.

My work came back from class
With notes attached
Of a place and time
Or how my body kept him up at night

He let me smoke weed in his truck
If I could convince him I loved him enough
Enough, enough, enough, ‘nough

He made me a tape of Joy Division
He told there was a part of him missing
When I was sixteen
He jumped off a building

Mr Petersen
I know you weren’t ready to go
I hope there’s room for you up above
Or down below.