Hollywood North

Toronto filming

Filming outside of George Street Diner in Toronto

Toronto is known as Hollywood North because a number of American films have been made here. It usually plays the role of New York City or Chicago because the cost of filming in Canada is cheaper. In fact, the musical Chicago was filmed at Casa Loma and the Distillery District here in Toronto.

George Street Diner is a little breakfast place located in front of my condo building that is often used for location shooting. Inside it has a 1950s quality that is popular for period pieces. They also make a mean fruit salad that you have to try if you’re ever in town.

On another note,┬ámy site is taking a long time to load because my photos are too large. I’m trying to correct the problem. I apologize if it’s tested your patience. I did notice it last week but thought it was in part due to slow Buenos Aires Internet connection, but Lisa emailed me this morning and said that the powerful macs she uses at work are also having difficulty loading the pages. Apparently each photo is 5MB. Whoops!

I’ll have to resize the images going forward.

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