Beenie — There is nothing more beautiful

The best cat that has ever lived. Brings tears to my eyes.

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Fiona Apple — new album cover art work revealed

Fiona Apple’s first album in seven years, The Idler Wheel, is set to hit stores on June 19, the same day she kicks off her new tour. The first single, Every Single Night, will be available beginning Tuesday, April 24, on the iTunes Store, where the Epic Records album can also be pre-ordered.

I’m totally psyched!

Lana Del Rey cover Goodbye Kiss

My Toronto condo

Toronto condo 1

1. My cat Beenie is watching on the kitchen table.

I promised that I would publish photos of my Toronto condo, so here they are. Located in the St. Lawrence Market, it is 800 Sq. Ft. with two bedrooms and two washrooms. I am not including photos of the bedrooms, washrooms, or balcony, but the living room, study and kitchen should give you a taste of how much crap a person can acquire over 5 years. Most of the furniture has been custom made by local Toronto craft wizards, with a few Ikea additions, because they’re cheap.

Furnishing a home is expensive! The couch alone cost $2,000. The series of frames above the couch were framed by a little shop in Rosedale to a price tag of $1,600. Life is hard. Anyway, here it is.

Toronto Condo 2

2. The Golden Girls is playing on the T.V.

Toronto Condo 3

3. Bar stools, and wine glasses. Happy face.

Toronto Condo 4

4. The study. I love old frames, but these are too high.

Toronto Condo 5

5. Beenie ruined the Ottomans. Couch purchased at Urban Outfitters.

Toronto Condo 6

6. Billy bookshelves from Ikea. Super cheap and durable.

Toronto Condo 7

7. I love to read.

Toronto Condo 8

8. My favourite book @ the moment.

Toronto Condo 9

9. Small hallway.

Toronto Condo 10

10. To the kitchen.

Toronto Condo 11

11. The kitchen, no backsplash. The shame.

Toronto Condo 12

12. The couch is very comfortable.

Toronto Condo 13

13. Small bar and old paintings from the 1930s.

Toronto view

14. My view.

My dog Maude

To be a dog

My dog Maude

Maude has spent the day sleeping, eating, and vomiting up sticks she chewed outside during her washroom breaks. What a life.

The Broken Tower trailer

Hart Crane was a gay-American poet who killed himself when he was 32. ┬áJames Franco starred, wrote and directed the film, The Broken Tower, chronicling Crane’s destructive life. Watch it for the blow job scene alone! Sex sells baby!

Lies by Marina and the Diamonds

I don’t pretend to know anything about music. I just know what I like and I enjoy sharing.