Riverdale, Toronto

I have tremendous affection for the Riverdale community of Toronto. I enjoy early morning walks in this neighourhood, which is composed of several significant residential areas, including Greek Town, and East Chinatown.

Here you can find Riverdale Park and Riverdale Farm, along with the Don River, the Historic Don Jail (currently under redevelopment to be included as the administrative offices of Bridgepoint Health) and a plethora of parks and recreational facilities.

This morning I took a few black and white photographs of less popular locations within its confines. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Old building


Don River

Don River

Riverdale Park West

Riverdale Park West

Don Valley


Riverdale Farm

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9 thoughts on “Riverdale, Toronto photo essay

  1. I loved these photos. In fact, I printed the one of the river and added it to a montage for the rec room. This post and the photos in it really tell a lovely story about a lovely part of the city. Thanks for showing them.

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