Lunch with Raquel at Sugar Beach

Raquel and me

Raquel and me, after the morning rain

Sugar Beach is an urban beach park located on Lake Ontario and across from the Redpath Sugar Refinery. It opened in 2010. Roughly a ten minute walk from my apartment, I spend a lot of time there, and its surrounding area, which includes Sherbourne Common. Raquel and I have met a couple of times this week to have our lunch under the pink umbrellas and to chat about life. Unfortunately for today the weather was a bit on the chilly side after a rain storm washed across the downtown core early this morning. Only yesterday the beach was full of sunbathers. Here are the photos from today’s excursion.

The rain

The rain from my balcony only moments before lunch

Me at Sugar Beach

Nerd alert!



Me at Sugar Beach

My face is red!

Raquel at Sugar Beach

Raquel enjoys some rays!

The ship is in

Everyday a different ship

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