Neon Flowers


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Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me Trailer

Saw this on Netflix. Sad that she’s gone now.

Grid by Perfume Genius

‘Grid’ is the second single taken from PG’s upcoming album ‘Too Bright’. To be released on September 22.


This filter is called Mildness. Okay.

This filter is called Precious Time. Okay.

I’m trying not to be a complete narcissist by posting so many photographs of myself online. The reason is two-fold. The first is that I enjoy toying with new photo filters using my portraits as experiments. The second is that I’ve recently started a new exercise regiment and I like to post my results.

I’m not sold on how much longer I would like to keep this up. For starters, it hurts. Second, my shirts have begun to rip and I’ve had to throw some of my wardrobe away as a result of my arms and pectoral muscles getting larger.

I’ve also had to stop drinking so much beer, which is not easy for me because I love beer so much. I’ve lost five pounds though. I’m now at 5 foot 9, 155lbs. FYI, I’ve never had a weight problem, it’s just that since I started attending the gym more frequently I’ve gained unwanted pounds! My goal is to start working on my abdominal muscles for a leaner look. But again, sit-ups hurt.

As the summer wanes there aren’t many more days of beach/cottage swimming so I’m taking advantage of the last remaining warm weather.

Unfortunately, you’ll either have to ignore my self-indulgence, or roll your eyes.

This one is called Toy Camera Effect. Okay.

This one is called Toy Camera Effect. Okay.

Cottage flowers

Flowers dying

Summer please don’t go!



Sunrise 2

Sunrise 3



I forgot my bathing suit so instead, I swam in my underwear!

Relatos Salvajes/Wild Tales

Have you ever watched a movie trailer and realized you still know nothing more about the film other than the title? Well, here you go! Next week the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) sweeps through Toronto and the Argentine/Spanish film, Wild Tales, is getting a lot of positive reaction. I’m off to see it at the Elgin on Tuesday — hope it lives up to the hype.

According to TIFF’s description:

Wild Tales is also a portrait of contemporary Argentina: a society riddled with corruption, hampered by bureaucracy, and bogged down by tradition. Szifron’s film, by breaking down taboos and allowing its characters to say “fuck it all,” provides a cathartic release from the pressures of modern-day living — a release that provokes unrestrained, double-over-in-your-seat laughter.


Dark Clouds

Photos taken by Alex K. Edited by me.

Green boat 2

Green boat

Pinkish Sky

My view