Market Lane

Market Ln

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Rain’s coming!

Rain above Toronto

Brookfield Place

Brookfied Place

I’ve never been able to take a good photo of Brookfield Place. This, sadly, is my best effort so far.



Only in Canada would there be statues of bears.

Birthday drinks

Matt's b-day

Matt had a little birthday gathering at Pour Boy last night. It was fun, except when Lisa and I started talking about politics and I called her a racist. Then it got heated. I can always be counted on to bring a little crazy wherever I go.

Susie was visiting from Halifax. We hadn’t seen each other in close to 14 years, at least that’s what I think, she was under the impression that we had seen each other within those years.

Anyway I snapped this shot, everyone was very concerned about their double chins.

St. James Park

St. James Park



Chair arch

Chair arch

Rooster Coffee

Rooster Coffee 2

My favourite coffee joint in Toronto.

A practical picnic table

Picnic table