A note on my photographs

Blue tank

Unless explicitly stated, every photograph that appears on my blog has been taken by me. In addition, I have a Flickr page where I catalogue all my photography.

On several occasions people have taken my photographs without asking for my permission, in some instances these have been photos of myself. WordPress is able to track each photo a reader downloads from my blog.

I love taking a selfie just like the next guy, but it’s a little disturbing when strangers, or even those I know, take my pictures and post them elsewhere.

Once, and this is no word of a lie, I found a shrine of my self-portraits on someone else’s webpage. That was an odd day to say the least. Of course, I emailed the individual and asked that they remove them, which they did, thankfully.

I know it’s the dangers of the Internet and all. There are those who say I shouldn’t post anything personal on my public blog, but I’m old-fashioned, I still operate under the honour system. I just wish everyone else did too.

If there’s a photo I’ve taken that you particularly enjoy, please ask my permission to use it, I’m more than likely to say yes. All I ask is that you give credit to the artist — in that case, me!

And please do not take my photos to use on gay hookup sites. I beg of you, please don’t!