Barbie, you drunk!


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Beautiful girls



Atty and Ali.

This morning

This morning

Goodbye, old cottage

Balsam 2

I took some photographs of the exterior and interior of the cottage. It’s sad to see it go.

Balsam 3

Balsam 4

Balsam 5

Balsam 6

Balsam 7

Balsam 8

Balsam 9

Balsam 10

Balsam 11

Balsam 12

Balsam 13

Balsam 14

Balsam 15

Balsam 16


Happy Thanksgiving!

Cottage 11

Typically I spent the Thanksgiving weekend up at the cottage. It was a bittersweet occasion as this marks the last year we’ll spend in the “old” house. It’s scheduled to be demolished and replaced with a brand new cottage by June, 2015.

If you ask me this year what I’m thankful for I’d have to say all the memories that I’ve gathered through the decade and a half that I’ve spent up at Balsam Lake. Although I can embrace change a lot easier than most I will miss this old place and all its charm.

Cottage 10

Cottage 9

Cottage 8

Cottage 7

Cottage 6

Cottage 5

Cottage 4

Cottage 3

The new cottage.


Cottage 2

Fall tree

Fall tree

Blue sky & lake

Sky and Lake

You know, I live the life. At least that’s what my friends tell me. It’s true, I’m very lucky. For instance, this is what I get to wake up to on the weekends. There isn’t anything more soul nourishing than nature.