Lujan Basilica

Lujan Basilica

Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

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San Isidro Cathedral

San Isidro Cathedral

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Iglesia Apostolica Ortodoxa Rusa


Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Funny story about this day. When I took this photo I was on an 8 hour tour of San Telmo street art. We came across this church, which I learned was famous, and a young Argentine boy tried to steal our cameras. It was only by shouting loudly were we able to scare him and his friends away.

Canadian cyclist filmed his escape from an attempted armed robbery in Buenos Aires

I’m happy this Vancouverite is okay.

I lived in Buenos Aires for a year and most Argentines would always brag about how “warm” they are in comparison to North Americans.

But here in this video you see a female Porteño ride away from what could have been, in the worst case scenario (and I’m being generous here), an attempted murder.

What I realized during my year in the “Paris of South America” was that Argentines are very amorous people and that’s what they mean when they claim that they are so “warm”. Most male Argentines, from my experiences, believe that they’re entitled to sex.

Every person I met in BA had been a victim of crime, whether it was a mugging, petty theft, a break-in or in one harrowing tale, a kidnapping.

When I confided in locals about my experiences they reacted apathetically; one person told me, after I had been robbed, “At least you weren’t murdered.”

So “warm”.

I understand that Argentina is a poor country, but crime is rampant and locals are so desensitized to it that they don’t understand how foreign an experience it is for those from more developed, safer countries.

For me, being warm is more than cozying up to someone for sex, it’s about actually caring and helping a person when they’re in trouble. The man in the video was eventually rescued, not by a “warm” Argentine, but another Canadian.

I doubt he went to the police over the incident, because the COPS in BA are just as corrupt as their politicians.

Relatos Salvajes/Wild Tales

Have you ever watched a movie trailer and realized you still know nothing more about the film other than the title? Well, here you go! Next week the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) sweeps through Toronto and the Argentine/Spanish film, Wild Tales, is getting a lot of positive reaction. I’m off to see it at the Elgin on Tuesday — hope it lives up to the hype.

According to TIFF’s description:

Wild Tales is also a portrait of contemporary Argentina: a society riddled with corruption, hampered by bureaucracy, and bogged down by tradition. Szifron’s film, by breaking down taboos and allowing its characters to say “fuck it all,” provides a cathartic release from the pressures of modern-day living — a release that provokes unrestrained, double-over-in-your-seat laughter.


I watched this Argentine movie called Sidewalls on Netflix this past weekend. It tells the story of Martín and Mariana, two slightly damaged people who live in buildings opposite one another. While they often don’t notice each other, separation might be the very thing that brings them together. I love movies that explore loneliness. It was cute, so watch it when you get the chance.

The Day I Was Not Born

Maria, a young German woman is waiting in a Buenos Aires airport for her connecting flight to Chile. Off in the distance she hears a woman singing a Spanish lullaby to her baby.

In an extraordinary, shivery moment Maria begins to mouth the words to the song, but how can she know them if she has lived in Germany all her life?

Florian Clossen, in his directorial debut, depicts the horror wash over Maria in that moment. Overcome she retreats to the public toilet where she collapses under the weight of fear and confusion.

The film follows Maria as she sets off on a quest to trace her origins.

And most importantly, for someone who has lived in Buenos Aires, viewers are offered a glimpse into one of the world’s most beautiful South American cities and its complicated, often tragic history.

The Day I Was Not Born is available to stream on Netflix.