New blog theme!


As we transition from one season to the next I thought it would be a good idea to change my blog’s overall theme. As you can see it looks different than before, allowing me the opportunity to showcase my photography a little more.

Don’t mistake me for someone who believes he has any real talent. I don’t know a lot about photography but I enjoy taking pictures and posting them on my blog for all of you to see. Feedback is always welcome by the way! Both positive and negative, I can take it, I really can.

There will be adjustments¬†as I learn all the features available to me, but I’m almost certain that none of you will even notice!

Change is good.

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Respect all life


I went for a walk this morning and I thought for a long time about the reasons people continue to eat meat in light of everything we know about factory farming and the hell that these poor animals face so that we can enjoy a culinary experience.

It doesn’t make sense to me, it never will. I can’t look at a pig and disconnect from reality like so many others are able to do. I see them and their lives without forgetting the pain and suffering we commit against them daily.

When people think of hell, they should look no further than a factory farm. It’s where each and every single animal that ends up on your plate suffers a painful life and a brutal death.

Is that too much, am I being too dramatic? I really don’t think so. All one has to do is educate him or herself. The truth is present.







In the heart of Toronto…


…Lies Riverdale Farm. This peaceful enclave is one of my favourite places to visit, especially on a rain-soaked afternoon like today.

IMG_3356 IMG_3358 IMG_3363-001 IMG_3375-001 IMG_3379-001 IMG_3380


Happy Thanksgiving!

Cottage 11

Typically I spent the Thanksgiving weekend up at the cottage. It was a bittersweet occasion as this marks the last year we’ll spend in the “old” house. It’s scheduled to be demolished and replaced with a brand new cottage by June, 2015.

If you ask me this year what I’m thankful for I’d have to say all the memories that I’ve gathered through the decade and a half that I’ve spent up at Balsam Lake. Although I can embrace change a lot easier than most I will miss this old place and all its charm.

Cottage 10

Cottage 9

Cottage 8

Cottage 7

Cottage 6

Cottage 5

Cottage 4

Cottage 3

The new cottage.


Cottage 2

Blue sky & lake

Sky and Lake

You know, I live the life. At least that’s what my friends tell me. It’s true, I’m very lucky. For instance, this is what I get to wake up to on the weekends. There isn’t anything more soul nourishing than nature.

Lip trauma

Camera and me

When I was 7-years-old I went skating and tripped on the ice. As I fell, in some notoriously odd way, my lip came into contact with another kid’s skate and off it came. What I mean is that I lost half my lip. It split in half, with a portion being sliced off and landing somewhere on the ice. I was rushed to the hospital and put back together but my mouth never looked right. My upper lip is uneven, as you can tell. I’ve always felt, since that incident, that imperfections make a person more beautiful because they force, me in particular, to be bolder, fiercer — more determined. Maybe. Maybe not.

What does it matter? Our bodies decay because like all things, we’re imperfect beings who have a timeline.

Sunday morning