You see aliens took over my body...

I get it, you didn’t like my last blog post

You see aliens took over my body...

You see aliens took over my body…

Sooo….. my last post was grim. Clearly it wasn’t your favourite because no one “liked” it. That might also have something to do with all the embarrassing grammar and spelling errors. They’re fixed and the post reads more smoothly now. Sorry, I hadn’t written a controversial post in a while so I was a little rusty.

In other excuses, my vision is poor and my dog had two seizures today, one of them while I was typing away about serious subject matters like America and Iraq! So feel sorry for me, if anything.

Yes I know that it’s spelled “decimate” and not “dessimate”! You see, sometimes I write quickly and then I click the publish button too early. I forget that people receive my posts via email, and that perhaps I should proof read my work before filling up their inboxes. All I can do is apologize and promise to do better next time!

However, I’ll have you know that I have no life and usually edit my posts hours and even days after they go live. My blog is fluid, I see it as a work in progress where posts are drafts, to revisit later so that I can improve and strengthen arguments. And of course, to fix the dozens of careless mistakes.

So ignore the email posts and just visit my blog later in the day!

Listen, it’s not the Globe and Mail, okay?

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The best view of Toronto


Hindu Temple Toronto 8

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Hindu Temple Toronto 7

Today has been cloudy and cold but the poor weather didn’t stop me from going to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir complex in Toronto. I’ve always been fascinated Hinduism ever since I studied world religions in university. As much as I would love to belong to a religion I can’t get over how seeped in patriarchy all of them are. Being a member of an organized faith would mean ignoring their contribution to misogyny the world over. I just can’t do it.

However, I do enjoy their buildings and the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple is simply breathtaking. It’s disappointing that it’s been constructed adjacent a busy highway, but once I was inside the facility I couldn’t hear a thing, I was lost in the overall beauty of its architecture.

The Mandir is a masterpiece of ancient Indian arts, traditions and philosophy. Constructed in just 18 months, visitors come to the Mandir to experience Hinduism’s central theme of “Unity in Diversity.”

I was really blown away with the intricate craftsmanship. However, visitors are not permitted to take photographs of the interior. Another misfortune to my visit was that the front steps were covered by a blue tarp — they’re possibly preparing for some repair work. I’ll definitely return soon, but I would like to observe a service, if that’s possible.

If you get a chance go see it one day. You’ll be in for quite a treat.

Hindu Temple Toronto 8

Hindu Temple Toronto 6

Hindu Temple Toronto 5

Hindu Temple Toronto 4

Hindu Temple Toronto 3

Hinu Temple Toronto 2

Hindu Temple Toronto 9

Soiled Lovebot

Soiled Lovebot

Soiled Lovebot



Respect all life


I went for a walk this morning and I thought for a long time about the reasons people continue to eat meat in light of everything we know about factory farming and the hell that these poor animals face so that we can enjoy a culinary experience.

It doesn’t make sense to me, it never will. I can’t look at a pig and disconnect from reality like so many others are able to do. I see them and their lives without forgetting the pain and suffering we commit against them daily.

When people think of hell, they should look no further than a factory farm. It’s where each and every single animal that ends up on your plate suffers a painful life and a brutal death.

Is that too much, am I being too dramatic? I really don’t think so. All one has to do is educate him or herself. The truth is present.







Roosters are the best


Roosters are exceptionally intelligent and capable animals. They have a strong sense of family and much like humans, they are social. That’s why it’s important not to eat them, to allow them to live their natural lives free of abuse, torture, humiliation, disease and murder.

I came across these guys during my walk through Riverdale Farm this morning. I was surprised how close they let me come to them, without any fear of human interaction. It was a heart-soothing moment.




In the heart of Toronto…


…Lies Riverdale Farm. This peaceful enclave is one of my favourite places to visit, especially on a rain-soaked afternoon like today.

IMG_3356 IMG_3358 IMG_3363-001 IMG_3375-001 IMG_3379-001 IMG_3380